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Bryant Holsenbeck is an environmental artist. I expect to have lots of fun, and learn new techniques with nontraditional mediums. I think the project will turn out great! Bryant seems to be very creative; therefore, I have confidence it will come out different and awesome.

After Meeting Bryant
My expectations and out come was pretty equal. I had tons of fun learning new mediums and textures produced by unconventional materials. My biggest struggle was the legs of my giraffe. I thought that my piece was actually not very successful but I do like the shape of it.

In the process of making this octopus I had to learn how to mold the head and also make each suction cup for the tentacles. I believe I learned how to work with the clay more carefully and also new techniques for making the eyes and tentacles. In this project I had to make a mold out of newspaper for the head and I wasnt sure whether or not it would produce the shape I was hoping for after the clay dried. The biggest challenge in making this octopus was having to start over! My original octopus rotted after several of the snowcations. Having to start over really affected the time I had to put into the project and also the size of the octopus had to decrease inorder for me to finish in time. Also the tentacles keep breaking off so I am in the process of gluing them back on.

For my unconventional material I received a deck of cards. This was challenging because I really had no idea what on earth to do with small rectangles of paper. I had a really hard time coming up with an idea and I'm not intirely pleased with the outcome on this project. Due to the fact my first project took so long I didn't get to put nearly as much time into it. I also had a hard time finding the right glue for gluing everything. All in all I don't think this project was terrible.... but it definitely could have been better.

In this project I used plaster, I hadn't used plaster since my freshman year. This fish is the biggest thing I'v ever made out of plaster and it was really fun! There is a wire mold underneath holding the plaster together.  Using plaster was definitely challenging because I hadn't with it in such a large quantity. At first it was frustrating because it took a lot of layers until the shape of the fish  started to truly form.

Wearable art! I made this jewelry out of copper wire and some rocks. 

For my lidded vessel project I decided to go a different route and make a mini toilet. I didnt want to be mainstream and make a jar or bowl. I plan on putting M&M's in it. I really prefer to scultpt animals rather than bowls or jars. But I did have fun making this little toilet.

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