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As our first art project to kick off the year we were assigned to draw with Prismas. Although Prismas aren't my favorite they make portraying reflections extremely easy. For me the most difficult part of this project was picking a place to start.I took the original picture of the bubble on accident! I didn't mean for it to come out like a peace sign but two bubbles joined and made a streak down the middle. So I added the two lines on the sides to make a peace sign.

 There is so much going on as far as the colors go that I decided to start with the suds. I used the "scrumbling" technique throughout all of the white bubbles. The suds were actually very tedious and took the most time, It took me longer to do the suds than the actual reflections. For the reflections I started with the outer part of the bubble and worked my way in. The hardest part of the reflections was getting the very vague kind of see-through effect on the inner part of the bubble.   I am really not a fan of the outcome of this project but I am excited to continue working with Prismas. I put so many layers of color everywhere, and I felt like it was never enough!

First time trying oils was a bust!

This painting was the first time I had ever used oil paints. I absolutely love working with them now due to the fact that you can blend so easily. For this project we were asked to choose an everyday object and paint it. I choose fruit because of the extremely bright colors I could choose. I love how vibrant the final came out. I think the fuchsia color makes the oranges and limes really pop.

The most difficult part of this painting was getting the highlights just right. Since oils take longer to dry my bright highlights would always blend in with their background. This is my favorite painting I have ever done. It took me forever to finish, but the time I invested in it was all worth it! For whatever reason the oranges were a lot harder for me to get the way I wanted them. However Mrs. Rossi made me add the opposite colors to the fruit, and at first I was really scared. But it actually made the fruit look so much more realistic. I really love this project and can't wait to continue working with oils.

As an interesting interior I decided to paint my messy dresser. I was having a really tough time trying to figure out what to do. One day I looked at my dresser and thought it would so fun to paint. Instead of sticking to regular color pallette I decided to only use pink. Only using pink was extremely challenging. I had to mix up a bunch of different tints of pink in order to get all the values of the dresser. I think that only using pink gives the painting a really cool effect. The most challenging part of this painting was choosing a background color. At first I went with yellow, and it looked absolutely awful.  I think that when I softened it up with light blue it worked really well with the pink.

 My favorite part of this project is the really dark shadows. They add a great contrast from the other shades of pink and the background. Over all I love painting, especially with oil. I am really pleased with the decisions I made in this painting. I went really outside my comfort zone by only using one color. 

Self portraits are definitely not something I would voluntarily choose to do; however, having the option to do a zombie self portrait was so exciting! I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead, and making something look gory was really interesting to me. At first I was going to do it all black and white using just pencil. I don't know why I thought that just having a few pops of color in the hair, headband, and lips would completely capture what I was trying to create. After I began to put in color the rotting flesh really popped out more than when it was just black and white. As I continue to work with prisma I realize more and more the spectacular detail and realism they bring into pieces. The most difficult part of this project was the delay I had due to a cast on my dominant hand.

My favorite part of this project is the very vague beauty behind the zombie. Although she is slowly disintegrating, she still cares about about her appearace. I purposely put lively flowers on the dying body resembling the desire for life. Overall I love the outcome of this drawing.

I hate this project. I have never failed so miserably at a painting before. I think I went to big way to fast. This painting is about 3x3 and the composition I choose definitely didn't help my cause. When I first started painting I got a cast put on my writing hand for a month, which lead me to get incredibly behind. Once I got my cast off I hated what I had gotten done and had no motivation to finish an already ruined piece. I think that the brand of oils that I used was extremely transparent and dull. To add to the already terrible piece I think I used the wrong medium for orchids. Orchids are sort of translucent; therefore they would have looked a whole lot better with watercolor. I think one of the reasons I hate this project so much is because no matter how I tried to fix the flowers they just came out worse. I am extremely disappointed in myself for this piece it is definitely my least favorite piece Iv done since I was 10. I don't know why I had such a hard time with these orchids but I cant wait to never look at this again

 Im glad Im finally finished and Ill probably go back and revisit it... maybe.

Doing something that isn't necessarily realistic is very difficult for me. I like to be able  to go off of sight not imagination. At first I was going to do a mechanical giraffe, but I felt that it wasnt a good composition.  Earlier in the summer I sketched this same exact butterfly on my fngertips, except it was realistic and colorful. This project probably took me a solid fifteen hours to complete. Over Thanksgiving break I would work on it almost everyday while watching tv. 

The most difficult part of drawing the mechanical butterfly was the body. I saved the body for last but I loved how it came out. I chose to work on wood because I love the effect of texture in the background. Last year I did a self portrait on wood with charcoal and loved the outcome. I plan on burning the corners of the wood to add a more rustic look. 

      My pet portrait is of my dog, Momo, I decided to stipple him because I felt it would best capture the wrinkles. I have stippled a picture of momo before, but I used a regular sharpie instead of a tiny pen.Using a smaller pen was definitely more challenging; however gave much better detail. At first I was skeptical about using pen because I hadnt done a pen project in pen for over a year. After this project I realized that pen is my least favorite medium. I tend to make a lot of mistakes and pen is not very forgiving. 
        My favorite part of this project is the shading within the wrinkles. The wrinkles probably took the most time because they were so close together and hard to draw just right. Once I got near the eye it was even harder since the fur around the eye is basically the same color. The eyes was hard due to the very small highlights so it was difficult to draw let alone stipple. Over all I am pleased with the outcome of my doggy. I put a lot of time into him which makes me more proud of my piece. 
P.S you probably wont see another stippling from me.....

For my landscape I decided to paint a beach in Puerto Rico. My favorite part of this project is definitely the waves. I spent the most time on the water but, when I got to the rock I the perspective was hard to capture in paint. I feel as though the waves look great in oil but the rock would have looked better in prisma. My least favorite part of  this project is how plain it is. Even in the picture there was a clear sky, plain water, and a rock. I wish there was more to portray in the composition than just solid colors blended together. I really enjoyed painting this and I think that the finished product is good, but could be better. 

This project allowed me to try new techniques with painting I honestly love the outcome of the waves so much I want to do another beach painting, maybe without the rock. Paint is one of my favorite mediums and I always enjoy the process of developing an art piece unlike pen. I am pleased with this painting and look forward to painting more landscapes!


As one of my concentration pieces I decided to do a pair of old combat boots that I found at the flea market. I really love looking at the old antique collectables and items; therefore I thought revolving my concentration around antiques would be fun. I really love drawing folds in fabric and I am pleased with the outcome of this piece. As far as a concentration goes I am in between doing antiques or my life through a bubble. I have enjoyed this project so much I think I would much rather do 12 pieces on photographs similar to the boots.

The hardest part of drawing the boots was the background. In the original picture there was a black table and a blurred out tree and building. My original idea was to place a flag underneath the boots. Then I learned that placing the boots on top of the flag is highly disrespectful. I knew I wanted to incorporate the flag in some way so I decided to stick it inside the boot. I am very pleased with the outcome of my project! My next milestone is definitely deciding on a concentration.

Finallyyy getting down to the final few! For my second choice project I decided to draw a bubble with downtown apex in the background. At the beginning of the year I drew a bubble with a peace sign inside. I loved the outcome of it and thought that revolving a concentration around bubbles would be awesome. I am still stuck between doing antiques and portraying my life and things I love through a bubble. Drawing bubbles is definitely difficult; however I feel like the end products would be awesome.

The hardest part about drawing this bubble is getting the blurred affect inside the bubble. I think that choosing black paper was also a no-go. is makes the colors dull and ugly. These last few projects have not been my favorite at all because I am a very slow worker and having to speed through 3 projects have resulted in terrible outcomes. I am disappointed in myself for waiting until the last minute. I plan on pacing myself a lot better next semester

These bows took me so long and came out terrible. I took such a long time on each little triangle and didn't layer enough colors and shading on so then it looked like bright pink with a white stripe for a high light. We were assigned these bows around thanksgiving break and at that time I was working hard on my mechanical project. I had planned on doing the bows all pink and one silver, but I ran out of time. I didn't try my hardest on this project because I had a cast on for a month and was already so behind that I left this for the last second. I am really excited to start a new semester and try harder, pace myself better, and create new pieces!

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