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It's only the first week! So Far so good, I've learned so much from the few days in drawing.  

We worked on contour line drawings for several days. This is my contour line drawing of a still life of a bunch of instruments. I personally do not enjoy contour line drawings whatsoever; however, I do believe they help improve drawing and seeing certain shapes.

This little jar was drawn with prisma colored pencil. I liked the outcome of the jar, I was very surprised with the different techniques and layers the prismas could produce.

The green candy was drawn with pastels and the peppermint was drawn with pencil. We are still learning new techniques of opacity, and have started our opacity project. I really enjoyed drawing the candy, especially with pastels.

For our first project we had to draw something that portrayed foreshortening or perspective. I chose foreshortening because I had never done it before and I was up for the challenge. I started off with a quick outline of the general idea I had. I immediately jumped to the sunglasses and then moved on from there. The hardest part of the drawing was getting the shoe! It's angled in such a weird way that I had to re-draw it at least 5 times. Even though this drawing was a challenge, due to the fact  I had never done something like this before, I am very pleased with the outcome. 

                    For this project I started off with a photograph that I took, and then used pastel chalk pencils to draw it. I had never used the pastel pencils before but I loved them! Drawing the bottle was the biggest challenge because I felt that no matter how match I added to it there was still more highlights needed. Surprisingly in this drawing I didn't have any major mistakes or unplanned errors. I think since I am such a slow drawer it's less likely for me to have any major screw ups. The biggest challenge I had was getting the big highlight near the top of the bottle. I felt as though no matter how much color I added I couldn't get the right blend. However when I finished the rest of the bottle including the big highlight, I realized that I was pleased with my outcome. Before I even began on my final I practiced drawing the orchids with different mediums and also played around with drawing the glass. Over all I am very pleased with the outcome of this project.

 As an exercise we were giving a piece of tracing paper and a print out of a skull. We put the tracing paper on top of the skull and had to draw our selves using a mirror. I think this exercise really helped me realize how important proportions are, because as you may be able to see the eyes are ginormous. I really learned a lot from having the skull in the background as an outline, it helped me visualize the proximity of where each facial feature is located.

I have never liked drawing people, so when Mrs. Rossi, my art teacher, told us we had a self portrait project I was pretty upset. My previous self portraits have all been terrible; however, I am very proud of this one. I choose to draw on wood which I had never done before, and also draw with charcoal which I had never done before. I was super excited to try something different and also draw in such a big size. Drawing big, in my opinion, was easier to get the right proportions. Even though I had to redraw the eyes and mouth at least seven times. At first I was going to leave my hair mostly white with a couple streaks, but Mrs. Rossi kept pushing me to add more darks, and I think it really added depth to the whole face. I chose to add a pop of color in the lips and eyes because I felt there were to many neutral tones. Drawing with two new materials was a lot more fun than I expected and I look forward to drawing on wood again. I am currently working on a figure drawing with charcoal because I have fallen in love with the medium. Over all this is self portrait is my favorite drawing I have done this year. 

I strongly believe that all of these gesture drawings are absolutely terrible. I am not a fan of drawing people and these have really been challenging for me. I think that with time and practice there will definitely be improvement; however, right now I give myself a 3 out of 10. Doing the gesture drawings on an ipad was different and challenging. I think that drawing different things besides gesture drawings would definitely have a better outcome.

For our figure drawing we were asked to draw a life size portrait of our partner. I had never drawn to such a large scale before. Getting all the proportions right was definitely more difficult to do with the drawing being so big. I drew on the wall, other people drew on the floor or table. I felt that it was easier to visualize the proportions with the paper on the wall because it was the same height as my partner. I used charcoal again as my medium of choice. Drawing on the butcher paper wasn't to bad; however it was hard to move around. in order to get the proportions right I used a ruler and asked for my partners opinion. My favorite part of this whole project was drawing the clothing I spent a very long time on just the shirt. My least favorite part was the face im absolutely terrible at drawing faces and do not enjoy at all.

Besides my self portrait, this project is a close tie for my favorite! I had never worked with scratch board before and I absolutely loved it. The most difficult part of this project was choosing an idea. There is an endless amount of possibilities for such a cool material to draw on. I chose a lion because I love drawing hair. This project was suppose to show movement, I think that the mane shows movement through out each lock of hair. The most tedious part of the lion was the small bristles of hair on the face. It was difficult for me to get the right angle for the small hair on the face; however, I am pleased with the outcome. The scariest part of this project was the eye. I had completed everything and left the eye for last. I asked Mrs. Rossi for help and her opinion several times because I knew if I messed up the eye the whole piece would be ruined! Overall I am in love with the outcome of my scratch board and I'm so excited to work with it again! 

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