{ Art 3 Portfolio }

1). My most successful project was definitely my spoon fish. I started off by making the body with the heads of the spoons. The body shape was formed by news paper, burlap, and gesso. The fins of the fish were formed by the handles of the spoons. I used over 350 spoons and by layering them over and over I eventually got the shapes that I wanted. I chose spoons because the heads of the spoons reminded me of scales, and I wanted to do something different. At first I didn't mean for the fish to be so big but the more layers I added the more I liked it just kept increasing in size 

2) I felt that I overcame the most obstacles in my intertextuality project, because I had never used photo shop before. The original problem was finding a Land-o-Lakes label that wasn't blurry when I blew it up. Then when I finally finished I couldn't get the pictures proportions so that the fake label fit on the real butter container. By taking on the challenge of using a medium that was foreign to me I learned how to use photo shop and new techniques on the comoputer.

3) I feel that the my artwork has shown improvement from my trash can to the butterflies. My first piece, which is all the trash, didn't have very much detail or meaning. I also feel that my painting techniques and details were much better in the butterfly piece. As far as vision goes; from the beginning I knew what I  was going to do with my butterflies and I stuck to my original idea the whole time. However with the trash I kind of just winged it and as I progressed in the piece I continued to have more ideas. Also I feel that my blog post for my butterflies was exponentially better than my trash can blog post. looking back at these two pieces makes me realize that my butterflies made my trash really look like trash.

 4) This semesters new way of teaching in my opinion was awesome! Most art teachers always give so many guidelines and rules that you have to follow and that leaves no room for originality and, creativity because all your worried about is your grade. Having freedom in choosing your medium and choosing when to do which piece gives you so many more opportunities to complete the project given. Also when all the projects are done they don't all look the same; everyone's imagination runs in a different way and having the freedom of running the way you choose allows for a lot more creativity and variety.  If we wouldn't have had the freedom of choosing our medium I probably would have never gone outside my comfort zone and used spoons to make a fish! Or even use pictures to portray perspective. This was the best art class ever and I am  going to miss it.

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