{Sculpture Exam}

1). The open art room allows students to use their full creativity with any given topic. Sometimes being told what medium of material to use can be restricting. I think that the open art room should be continued because having the freedom to choose what you want to work with allows for endless possibilities. I really think that the new students taking sculpture next year will also really appreciate the freedom they have to "art." "Arting" with an open art room rocks!

2). If I had the chance to do over any project I would re-do my jewelry. The project idea was really fun; however, I worked so long on my relief project that I didn't leave myself much time to work on the jewelry. If I had the chance to go to the store and buy material, I believe the jewelry would have came out a lot better. Even though I didn't have very many of the rocks I am pleased with the way I wrapped them in the wire. Over all this project was not my favorite, but it was definitely fun.

3). My most successful project was definitely my vessel project. This project took me a super long time to finish because my original one had molded over all the snow days. I had to start from scratch just a couple days before the project was due, which really held me back for the rest of the project. I chose super bright colors to make it look less realistic ( cause it was kinda creepy). My favorite part of this project are the little suction cups on the tentacles. Those took my the longest because I had to make and attach each one individually. My original idea was to have the octopus be a lamp but I quickly figured out that, that would be nearly impossible!

4). This fish is made out of plaster, it was the most difficult project for me this year because I had never worked with blaster in such a large scale. I think it best displays my new learned skills because I had to learn how to make the wire molding and also layer the plaster on inorder to get the shapes I wanted. The hardest part of molding the fish was applying each individual plaster sheet. Sometimes the water made the plaster too heavy and it would fall through the wire mold and then ruin the work I had. But I really do love this project and I learned a lot of new cool techniques that I look forward to using again!

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